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Sweet Dreams kit


Sweet Dreams kit


Moon ritual kit Sweet Dreams ”

In medical astrology, the Moon represents fluidic vitality and emotional changes she gives us adaptability and balance. This kit is an excellent addition for self care or ritual whatever that means to you. All my blends are constructed and created with spiritual intuition and chemistry bridging a perfect harmony for health and wellness. 

Sweet dreams gives restful sleep and enhanced dreams helping us go deeper in the subconscious. 

Sea salt moon bath 

Palmarosa, Jasmine, and white ginger Lilly. Calming, self-love, and divine feminine. Angel trumpet flower essence helps us explore the dark subconscious assisting in releasing and rebirth. 

Enhancing pillow spray calms the mind and regulates sleep cycles with Fragonia, Melissa, and Lavender. Roman chamomile is a sedative while mugwort enhances dreams.

Sweet Dreams tea- Rose, valerian, lavender, mugwort, peppermint, and chamomile is calming and soothing 

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