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Mindfulness Blend Alchemy anointing oil


Organic Haircare, natural haircare, chemical free, healthy, aromatherapy, Portland Oregon local celebrity stylist hairstylist

Mindfulness Blend Alchemy anointing oil


Mindfulness Blend Alchemy anointing oil


Mindfulness Blend

Relieves addictive thinking. Helps in meditation and clarity

Sandalwood; Ruled by Uranus. This assists us with prayer and meditation. The powerful influence from Uranus helps us with enlightenment, objectivity and breaking free from old patterns.

Bergamot; Ruled by Mercury.This helps us with connection and communication. Bergamot is calming and uplifting, regulating our nervous system, it works as an antidepressant.

Ylang Ylang; Ruled by Mars and Venus. This helps us bring balance to the heart and mind. Ylang Ylang reminds us to play when were feeling overstressed.

Wild Orange; Ruled by Neptune. This helps us connect with the mystical parts of our minds. Neptune and orange help us break free from stuck mindsets encouraging creativity and abundance. Orange helps us feel uplifted and supports a positive mood.

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