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Felicia Howe

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LosAngeles and Portland Oregon based celebrity hairstylist Felicia Howe has been making those who sit in her vintage barber chair look stunning and feel incredible.

Harnessing the spirit and deep-healing energy of ancient alchemy, Primrose Organics is more than just hair care. Felicia Howe, owner and alchemist, thoughtfully blends these remedies with therapeutic intention and decades of experience. Her desire to create a mind/body balance through daily grooming is effortlessly achieved with these organic, sustainable products. While targeting a range of issues for hair, the mental benefits are equally transformative. From your scalp to your spirit, the effects literally sink in and the proven plant magic ranges from charging your immune system to relieving depression.

Felicia became a certified aroma therapist at Stillpoint Aromatics in Sedona, Arizona. She’s a certified organic colorist, and has studied Reiki, hypnotherapy, life coaching and Feng Shui. Felicia recently traveled to Ireland for an intensive on the mystical power of plants and herbs. 

With a true passion for connecting this chemistry with the deeper parts of our souls, the unique beauty of Primrose Organics is it’s focus on wholeness.

Howe says her goal has always been, “not only to help people and make them feel good inside as well as outside, but to help people be more aware of what they are putting on their bodies.” For nearly two decades she’s been doing just that, pouring her heart into her craft and building up a cult like following and a satisfied corporate client list. With the intent to bring healing and joy, and her inquisitive nature she’s pursued a path studying chemistry, Chinese medicine, nutrition, Buddhism, Reiki, NLP, and aromatherapy. All of Howe’s experiences, learning and resources have been distilled into Primrose Organics signature line of hair care products and homeopathic remedies. Her evolution to an alternative plant based wellness seems almost destined, as she’s in fact “farm raised” herself, with an innate respect of the healing properties of plants.



The natural world has historically provided sustenance and wellness solutions,with healing properties and transformative qualities. Having been intuitively drawn toward alchemy, Howe’s combinations of essential oils and plant compounds create a synergy unique to the specific needs of her clients. Howe has expanded the magic and talent she has for lifting spirits through styling to raising and balancing energy frequencies through her treatments.

Felicia provides a seamless convenience for her cliental by working out of her Los Angeles Salon the first two weeks of every month before returning to her home in Portland, where she manages and grows all of her organic products.  

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